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iconmakeit's Journal

How I made it
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Read the Profile Before Posting!

I made this community for posting techniques of icon creation.

On posting questions!! If you have a question, comment to a post that has something to do with your question. If you don't find one go ahead and post it.
Don't request icons! There are plenty of communities for that kind of thing.
Don't post to display icons!
If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything!


This is an icon community, lets keep all the posts about icons, k?

Try hard to look for the answers you need, this place is full of info! Like someone said, "You don't want the community to be filled with unanswered questions to the point that all the useful information is buried."

Also see:
Gif Animators
UnFREEz, A free gif animator.
Free online gif editor/optimizer.
Gimp Image Editor for Windows.
C/Net Download.com Find image editing software.
Google Image Search
Help For Beginners MS Paint Tutorials.

Kinder and gentler, justgoto.